Our Mission

Our mission is to help spread the Gospel through music. Scripture songs have been a wonderful blessing to our family and we want to share our musical arrangements with you and families all around the Globe.

Our Story

Jayden was given a digital keyboard for his second birthday, on April 26, 2011. He would play/pound on it here and there and it wasn’t until a few years later that we would discover his musical talents that God has blessed him with.

Jayden’s dad, Jair, had a desire to learn to play the Violin, which tops the list of his favorite instruments. Figuring that it would be best to start out with a piano, he started to learn the basics by enrolling in piano classes at Fitchburg State University with Instructor Roy Imperio. This was February 2013 and within two months Jair had learned enough to teach Jayden how to play the basics on the Piano.

Unfortunately, Jair didn’t have time for more than the basics and has since forgotten most of what he had learned. Jayden, on the other hand, had a natural ear for music and was able to play by ear. Jayden utilized the books that his dad had originally purchased for his lessons and was able to progress rather quickly through them as he learned how to read and play sheet music.

Jayden went on to start lessons with Audrey Lewis, who was also a student of Roy Imperio, many years back. Audrey attended the local Seventh-day Adventist church in Fitchburg, MA and was eager to help Jayden polish his piano playing. They worked together for about 3 years beginning in November of 2015 and lasting till July of 2018. She challenged him to new levels and often expressed Jayden’s proficiency of the piano and musical abilities. During this period of time, he was also able to get a few lessons with his dad’s original instructor, Roy Imperio. Jayden enjoys singing and playing the piano and was able to work on these gifts with Audrey. Today he realizes he needs much more vocal training to compliment his playing and is also learning to play the guitar.

Another gift that Jayden has been honing is the ability to compose music and specifically scripture songs. Along with his dad, mom, brothers and sister, they often work on scripture songs together and enjoy being able to put a tune to the scriptures. It’s part of their family time and has become a major part of their family worship.

Today, Jayden has now composed over 30+ musical selections with a wide variety in style, rhythm and tone. In launching the Gleams of Glory website, along with a Facebook and YouTube page we hope to share our musical selections with other families to help children and adults alike to learn scripture verses through song. Jayden sees his gifts as a tool to help spread the Gospel and to hasten the return of Jesus Christ our Lord.